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5 Future Technologies That Will Change Our Lives Forever

15th March 2020

There is no doubt that the world of technology seems to be advancing at an incredible pace. Companies are introducing products into the market to make life much easier for members of the public. Experts have predicted that there is more to come regarding what technology will offer the world in the future. The major aim of this post is to reveal some of the future technologies that will change our lives forever.

Voice Assistant

Voice assistant devices are becoming more popular than ever before. This couldn't have been possible without the emergence of AI (Artificial intelligence). Devices such as Apple Homepod and Amazon Echo is making this to be very possible. There are experts who have pointed out that voice assistive technology will be used more than text during communication. A typical example that this technology has come to stay is the advent of the Google voice app which converts voice into text. This makes users send messages at will.

Self-driving cars

This is probably one of the biggest innovations in the automobile industry. Companies are beginning to invest heavily in how their cars can function with electricity in order to reduce pollution. However, the major feature is to produce cars that are automated. In other words, they can drive themselves.

Vehicles like these are characterized by lidars, cameras and ultrasonic sensors. These will enable them to perceive their surroundings. Imagine a vehicle moving from one location
to another without intervention from any driver. The sensors will be responsible for collecting data. These will be processed to ensure proper observation of the environment.

Robot assistants

It is really interesting to see how the emergence of robot assistants will affect the employment rate in companies. For instance, companies such as Boston Dynamics and Knightscope are into the production of robots which will be used by other companies to ensure efficiency and higher levels of productivity.

K5 robot is a typical example that has the ability to recognize about 300 plates (licensed) plates within 60 seconds. Apart from robots being used in factories, there are those can be useful in battlefields.

3D printers

There is no doubt that the advent of 3D printing technology has completely revolutionized the printing industry. For instance, instead of printing papers, 3D printers have been upgraded to print objects which are quite fascinating. The best part about 3D printers is that they can be put to use in various fields. These could be fashion, architecture, health, robotics, medicine and others.


The world of cryptocurrency offers something more dynamic as compared to the traditional ways of exchanging currencies.  Although there are countries still struggling with its approval, there is no doubt that it has lots of potential to serve as an upgrade to the traditional means through which payments are made. Experts are predicting its increased popularity, giving the advent of blockchain which most countries around the world are beginning to accept.

Final thoughts

Based on the above, it is obvious that there are lots of technological innovations that can change our lives not only in 2020 but forever.

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