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Future Of Pandemics: Coronavirus (COVID-19) And Beyond

31st March 2020

Everyone in this world has been affected by this pandemic (COVID-19) one way or the other. During this pandemic, I’d like to share some knowledge with my readers regarding the future of these type of pandemics, so we are all well aware of what lies ahead and these things not come to us as a complete surprise/shock.

As of now (31/03/2020), Coronavirus has affected almost 7,80,000 people in about 199 countries and territories around the world with a total of 37,500 confirmed deaths, roughly about 50,000 cases are reported daily.


The above is surely devastating. Economic upheaval created by Corona pandemic is a whole new story, but that is not our topic today. What lies ahead is what we want to know.

Biological Warfare (BW) Has A History

Although bio weaponry has been used since ages to devastate the enemy and for other ulterior motives, let’s start from world war one.

The Geneva Protocol — Germany

In 1925, 108 nations signed the world’s first official agreement which prohibited the use of biological and chemical weaponry. This agreement was drafted after the heavy use of biological agents such as anthrax, glanders, cholera and wheat fungus by the German army, targeted towards the Russians and the French.


Japanese Bio-Terrorism - Japan

Cholera and Typhus were used as bio-weapons against the Chinese during world war 2, about 1000 wells were deliberately infected to defeat the enemy and study the outbreak.


Punji Sticks - Vietnam

Feces coated punji sticks were used by Vietnamese guerrilla groups to defeat the enemy forces, the idea was to infect the enemy with poisonous toxins if the bruise caused by the sharp-pointed sticks was not enough to kill enemy combatant.


Rajnesshee Bioterrorism -  US

Salmonella was deliberately used in Wascon County restaurants by followers of Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh, a.k.a Osho, to accomplish political agenda.
Wikipedia, “The incident was the first and is the single largest bioterrorist attack in United States history.”


Small Pox  - UK

During the Indian and French war, British top brass ordered the use of smallpox as a weapon against the French and the Americans. Numerous accounts of smallpox being used as a biological weapon have already been penned down in recent history, so let’s move forward.

Bubonic Plague (Black Death)  - Japan

Bombs full of plague-infected fleas were dropped on Ningbo (China) by the Japanese air force, 400,000 people is assumed to have died by this onslaught, the number is not confirmed, after-effects of this barbarism continued uptill 1947.

The Mongols used plague-infected dead bodies to infect the enemy and occupy Caffa (modern Feodosia), this resulted in fleeing of the soldiers to different parts of Europe, which ultimately resulted in the death of almost half of the European and Chinese population and the spread of plague all across the globe.

Secret Anthrax

There are well-documented evidences of the use of Anthrax. Anthrax has occasionally been used by individuals, groups and organizations for ulterior motives, as they were used covertly, exclusively, a single country cannot be blamed.


From above it is clearly evident that nations have used chemical and biological weapons in the past and will continue to do so. Many treaties were signed in the past, but, unfortunately, bioterrorism seems to have increased in recent times. Coming back to Coronavirus, the Americans have already termed it as a “Chinese Virus” and the Chinese are blaming the American CIA behind the spread of the virus. Concluding, I don’t think there’s an end to all this and bioterrorism will increase and will definitely show its ugly face in the coming years. If in fact, the developed world is going to act underdeveloped then God bless humanity.


What’s a superbug? Simple, superbug is a bacteria/virus that has over time mutated and reproduced and have resisted popular antibiotics, such as penicillin.

Experts believe that by 2050 if nothing is done fast enough, super-resistant viruses will wipe out 10 million people around the world per year. Coronavirus, ‘till now has taken less than a 0.1 million, so super-resistant viruses have a potential to turn into a super-pandemic in the times to come. Some examples of super-resistant viruses are below.

Super -  Salmonella typhi

Typhoid fever has been here since ages, and this typical typhoid virus has been successful in surviving most of the modern world antibiotics, infecting about 10 to 30 million cases a year through water and food contamination.

Super  - Gonorrhea

This is a sexually transmitted disease that was treatable before, but newer versions of this bacteria seem to survive its antibiotic, 48 confirmed cases of this new variant superbug have been reported in the UK.

Super  - Candida Auris

A type of super fungus which typically attacks patients with low immunity causing fever and chills. This is so nerve-wracking that the hospitals by state governments are advised to keep this a secret, to remove this fungus, one hospital, went far enough to physically remove the tiles of the hospital to stop the spread of the super-fungi.

Super  - Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is a disease of lungs but can also affect the kidney, brain, and spine.
It used to be treatable, but super resistant TB bacteria seem to have evolved in recent times which is resistant to most antibiotics resulting in increased risk of death in infected patients.


I think the problem of superbugs is not being taken seriously by governments and biologist, steps taken today will ensure the survival of humanity in the coming decades. Lastly, there’s no doubt in my mind that superbugs will result in a super-pandemic in the near future, please, prepare.

The Sleeping Plague

Bubonic plague has wreaked havoc for mankind, it sleeps for a while and then often wakes up and haunts humans across the globe with thousands of deaths each year, sleeps again and completes the vicious death circle. Experts believe that the bubonic plague is not extinct, in fact, it keeps coming back. The last reported case of bubonic plague symptoms were found in 2013 which resulted in the death of a Kyrgyz boy. A large migration was reported within Indian states when approximately 700 individuals were found to be infected by the plague, 52 people died due to the infection in 1994.


Sleeping In Permafrost (climate change)

Permafrost is simply a frozen land where the temperature remains 0-degree Celsius or below. Scientist believes that the most dangerous virus, (Y. Pestis) the bubonic plague, in recorded history, is sleeping in the permafrost and increased risk of global warming (melting of glaciers and frozen land) will, again, trigger the virus outbreak which will eventually result in total destruction.

Sleeping In Human DNA

Scientists have recently discovered an infected skull from Russia which was infected by the plague. Almost 100 Bronze Age skulls were researched and scientists came to the conclusion that the virus most probably spread through bodily fluids, contaminated food, and airborne droplets. DNA from teeth of Bronze Age skulls showed the genes that can spread through humans and maybe not necessarily just fleas.


Sleeping In Rodents

Experts say that Y. Pestis (Black Death Virus) is sleeping inside the rodents, especially the wild rodent. The plague can easily reemerge when these rodents come in contact with the human population living in slumps or crowded areas.


I think we all are sitting on another pandemic bomb ready to explode, global warming, over-populated planet, superbugs, and BW (biological) warfare are all recipes for another mega pandemic. If nations concentrate on developing antibiotics rather than developing deadly weapons, only that assures clean, disease free, safe earth in the future.

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