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5 Things That Will Revolutionize Food Industry In Future

14th April 2020

Food production has got a very bright future according to experts around the world. The major reason for such a positive statement can be traced to the innovations and developments which the industry is expected to experience in the coming years.

In case you are wondering what these changes are, ensure to read the details of this post from start to finish. It will be revealing some of the ways through which the food industry is expected to be transformed in the near future.

High-pressure Processing

The problem of food getting spoilt before being put to use has been a major nightmare to many people around the world. This is because it can bring about the possibility of spending more than necessary. All of these are expected to change as it has been predicted that most people will embrace High-pressure Processing technology more than ever before.

Through this innovation, micro-organisms, as well as enzymes, will be eliminated in food, thereby helping to slow down the rate at which it
can deteriorate.

Precision agriculture

With the emergence of precision agriculture, it is expected that the issue of waste experienced in farm-produce will be reduced to its barest minimum. It basically entails using GPS tracking devices to monitor weather patterns, crop yields, and soil levels.

By the year 2050, it is expected that the world population will have reached 9 billion. This is probably why the issue of precision shouldn’t be taken for granted in any way.

Use of Drones

Most people believe that drone technology is only ideal for those who are in the entertainment industry. All of these are beginning to change as a drone is expected to be used in the agricultural industry more than any other by 2030. This is because their benefits have been discovered.

Farm distances are always large. Therefore, there ought to be a way through which farming activities can be effectively monitored. Through this technology, it becomes easier
for farmers to easily monitor damaged plants.

Personal nutrition

Through personalized nutrition, it becomes easier for food to be adapted to suit personal and individual needs. It has been discovered that the ways in which consumers respond to diet are different. This could be due to various reasons such as environment, lifestyle and genetic makeup.

There are companies that have seen the need to start offering the option of personalized diet to their clients. Before a plan can be prepared, companies can request for sample of genetic materials for clients. There are some companies that are even going that extra mile to be preparing meals for clients.

Robo Chefs

With the emergence of Robo chefs, it is expected that restaurants, as well as celebrity chefs, will soon become outdated. Moley has made this to become a reality as it masterminded the creation of the first robot chef. It means kitchens will soon become automated in the nearest future. Imagine a robot chef who has the ability to cook around 2000 different meals.

There is no doubt that major restaurants and hotels around the world will be expected to start using these robots in no time.

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