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4 Key Points For The Future Of Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence

9th April 2020

There is no doubt that the world of artificial intelligence seems to be growing stronger by the day. A proof of this can be traced to how it tends to be impacting almost all the industries. This has made experts predict that artificial intelligence will play a major role in daily activities of a common man in the near future.

In case you seem to be doubting how artificial intelligence is changing the world, ensure to read the details of this post from start to finish. It will be revealing some of the reasons why AI is the future.  

Improvement in transportation

The number of people dying annually from fatal road accidents is really alarming. This has been a major nightmare to transporters over the years which is why the emergence of AI will be seen as a positive development. Companies are embarking on research to ensure success in the creation of autonomous vehicles.

There is no doubt that the reality of self-driving is getting closer faster than anyone can imagine. Brands like Google Waymo, Lyft, and Uber are trying to make this happen. The building of autonomous cargo ships shouldn’t be taken for granted too. These are all aimed at reducing the rate of accidents. 

Its impact in the world of finance

For the purpose of effective security measures, AI seems to be the last resort for most governments around the world. For instance, experts have predicted that by the year 2030, most countries would depend on AI more than ever before.

This is evident in the use of blockchain technology which ensures improved security. Even central banks around the world will be affected by this development. This will happen through the use of bitcoin which is the platform through which blockchain functions. As countries are embracing blockchain technology, they are indirectly accepting the use of bitcoin.  

Revolutionizing the healthcare sector

The various healthcare sectors in countries around the world have always experienced the problem of poor administration and services rendered to patients. However, the future looks very bright through the innovations of AI which will ensure a higher level of efficiency.

For instance, there is intelligent emergency triage which ensures that the process of diagnosing symptoms in individuals is fully automated. The advent of robotic surgery shouldn’t be ignored. 

Improving eCommerce industry

The impact of AI in the ecommerce industry is already being felt as companies are experiencing improved performances in terms of revenue generated. Experts are predicting that it will only get better. There are lots of AI tools being created to make companies much better at what they do.

They have the chance of using these tools to boost sales over different periods of time. For instance, there are AI tools created to extract data of Facebook registered users. This means companies are spending less having to advertise their products to target audiences.

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